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Hotsy Industrial Pressure Washers for Commercial Use

The name “Hotsy” comes from combining the words “Hot Systems”, as a reference of early steam washers. Of course, today they are better known as pressure washers, and are available in a variety of styles and temperatures. The name Hotsy was founded in the time of these steam washers, and still remains a legacy in the power-washing industry today.

From humble beginnings, Hotsy, a brand of Karcher began over 50 years ago when founder Bob Cohen found a steam cleaner built by Slifer Manufacturing, and marketed by Kancho Tech. Since the purchase of both these companies, Hotsy was born and has since continued to grow to become a leader in the cleaning industry. Since 1970, Hotsy has been offering their expertise in industrial cleaning equipment and supplies. Hotsy continues to push industry standards, providing some of the most durable, heavy-duty industrial cleaning equipment available to date.

Offering both hot-water and cold-water options in pressure washers, you can be sure all your cleaning needs are taken care of in one stop. The Hotsy selection remains unmatched, with a line of over 100 pressure cleaners. These machines utilize new technology and the best cleaning industry standards that create the product we all know and love today. The Hotsy name is backed up by over 175 dealership locations in the United States and Canada.

Hotsy professional pressure washers are top of the line providing you the best solutions for cleaning needs within your price range.

Grimms Pump will provide maintenance service calls, and on-site cleaning evaluations to ensure that your product continues to perform at factory level efficiency.


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