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Mesa 2D Tank Testing

In addition to the variety of tests we already perform, Grimm's Pump is now certified in operating MESA 2D tanks testing equipment, and we are the only trained tester in the Black Hills and surrounding region.

The Mesa test system is the first tank testing technological advancement in over 15 years. The Mesa system utilizes digital technology to transform and analyze acoustical signals at the source. Our system will automatically calculate pressure adjustments for interior levels of product, as well as exterior water levels to ensure both accuracy of testing and protection of the tank.


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How the Mesa 2D test works:

  1. A small digital probe is lowered into the fill pipe of the tank.
  2. The digital probe is connected to a computer which monitors acoustical signals inside the tank. Based on digital readings from the probe, the computer generates a digital map and acoustical profile of the tank's integrity.
  3. If the Mesa 2D test detects a "U-L" frequency leak, a leak may exist in the piping or empty portion of the tank. "U-L" leaks typically occur in the vent pipe or fill pipe and often can be repaired.
  4. If the Mesa 2D test detects vapor bubbling, also known as a "P=L" frequency leak, the tank system has a leak in the oil or fuel filled portion of the tank. These leaks usually indicate a critical system failure. As a result, these tanks are often taken out of service and properly disposed of.

Key Benefits of the Mesa 2D Tank Test

The Mesa test system has one huge distinct advantage over other test systems. All Mesa 2D field data is interpreted by a computer analysis program, which determines whether the system fails or passes leak testing standards. Other acoustical tank test systems are far less sophisticated and solely rely on a technician listening for leaks in the tank through a microphone and earphones. Our system makes it possible to provide clear documentation of proof of a leak. With Mesa 2D, a clear concise graph is charted and can be printed and made available as a matter of record.

Other Benefits of the Mesa 2D System:

  • No misinterpretations. Technologically inferior tank test systems require the testing technician to carefully analyze gauge readings, which are also prone to operator misinterpretation and gauge error.
  • No minimum fuel requirements are needed. Tanks that are between completely empty and 90.6% capacity can be tested.

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